Lamirel company was founded in 1983 in Rennes, the city in the east of Brittany, France. It took several years for the company to acquire a reputation of the most reliable office binding and laminating machines manufacturer. It has been proven many times by eBay lots offering 10-15 years old Lamirel machines in a perfect ready-to-work condition.

In 1998 Lamirel company was bought by Fellowes, one of the world leading manufacturers of office products. After the acquisition office binders and laminators obtained Fellowes brand, while a range of economy covers and combs continued as Lamirel branded products. Approximately at that time Lamirel products were also introduced in the Russian market.

At the moment Fellowes is a global manufacturer and marketer of products for improving life at work, at home and on the go, including business machines, records storage solutions, workplace management products, home and commercial air purification and mobile technology accessories.

Lamirel as a brand offers now a wide range of quality consumables for binding and laminating at reasonable price. Laminating pouches, binding covers and combs are easily distinguished by their colorful and informative package. Starting from 2015 Lamirel also includes a range of cleaning products providing cleaning solutions for office and home.
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